First off, please know this. I believe in romantic love and it often slays me. I believe in the silent, beautiful stillness of love; the tenderness of a person whose heart is open. They have surrendered. They have courage. They have joy in their hearts. They share love with another person. I want to photograph these beautiful people with the love that I have for my best friend, and capture their personal, deep expression of love and who they truly are. This is a collaboration that I hope to share with you, if you are excited to share it with me. I hope to be a guest at your wedding so I can document this very special celebration of love.


Are madly in love.
Serious about having fun.
Crave real images.
Love things modern, retro,
soft, intimate and outrageous.
You love to laugh,
love to [sometimes just watch] dance.
You love to
You love
fireside chats & rosy cheeks,
that rare engrossing book,
that movie that was almost as good as the book.

You are searching for a photographer who
brings joy,
calm, passion,
originality, laughter &
spunk. A photographer who captures
the story of your wedding day.


I am easy going and
down to earth.
I am courageous,
peaceful, happy,
eco-conscious &
a dreamy realist.
I love my family &
love to laugh.
I love things daring,
romantic &

I love when you are you.

I photograph people in love.

I fell in love with the West on my first trip past the Mississippi when I was seventeen. I feel so lucky to call California my home. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my hubby, kids & dog. Life is good.