Kate, thank you a million times to the moon and back for being a master of your craft. -Samira&Josh

We had such a magical experience with you and we cannot wait to see you again. We can’t believe we have to wait until our wedding! Thank you so much for sharing these photographs. You somehow made us completely at ease during the session. And even without this beautiful documentation of the event, it was a memory in itself that we will hold dearly. It was emotional, calming and therapeutic. -Liza&Danny

These are GORGEOUS, Kate! Thank you so much! You captured our day so beautifully… I really can’t get over the moments you captured…I am sitting in amazement over here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Claire&Jason

HOLY COW WOMAN YOU’VE GOT SOME MAD PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLZ. Plus a bag of chips. Crazy-amazing. Cramazing. Not that I couldn’t tell from the slideshow but I’m just blown away by the sheer amount of fantastic photos. And can we talk about the Day After Love Shoot? Just day two of having face time with you and we honestly couldn’t be giddier in those photos. The first thing my mom said was, “I wish Kate lived closer so she could take all the pictures.” I know, Mom. I know. We all do. -Minglie&Tyler

KATE! We LOVE you! It was so awesome to share our special day with you, and you did a truly amazing job capturing the magic from our Alfwood Barn Burner Lovefest. ;) We can’t stop smiling. You have such a fantastic eye for detail and an ability to preserve on film the atmosphere of the moment. We’re aglow. Your work is truly superb. -Lauren&J.R.

Quite simply AMAZING!!! You have captured every moment of the day perfectly, you must have been sprinting around to get a shot of everything that you did! We love that we are smiling so much on almost every one. I love the ones of me and my dad in the getting ready pictures. This was such a special moment for me, and it was so nice to be reminded of it (I didn’t even know you were there). But for both Simon and I, our favorite part of the day was the ceremony, and photos just prove how special it was. I especially like the ones of my bridesmaids crying (as this is all I could hear throughout our vows), and then laughing. Then of course all the group shots in the trees. I could keep going on, as I LOVE so many. Thank you!!! We couldn’t be any more happy. -Kate&Simon

You made Jorge and our family feel so relaxed and overall they were all amazed at your wonderful photo skills. I feel like I could go on and on telling you about the magic we felt that night and how amazing it was to have you around. Your energy was pure calm and warmth you exuded truly wonderful. -Jessica&Jorge

AmAzing…beaUtiful…stUnning. We LOVE them. You totally captured the essence of our day in these images. We even forwarded them to our sisters and they both said they got teary-eyed looking at them. Really. Thank you again for everything…for your openness & sense of adventure (driving up a dirt mountain road & scouting a cliff-side photo location with the Karmann Ghia! :) and your creative eye & positive spirit!! -Elisabeth&James

I am all smiles with these!!!!! YOU ARE SO AMAZING! Thank you again for being apart of our special day you made everything so graceful and we miss your hugs already! -Jordan&Derick

You were such a joy to have around and brought your own amazing light to the day/evening. We are teary-eyed just looking at these. Wow. -Emma&Aric

OMG I am dying….of LOVE. & laughter. I’m laughing in so many which I love! -Kat&Erik

The photos are beyond gorgeous. Thank you a million times over. -Sarah&Geoff

We are absolutely thrilled with all of our pictures! Your ability to tell a beautiful story through photographs is astounding. -Stacey&Duane

If ever you forget, I am here to tell you unequivocally, you ROCK, impress and AMAZE!!! I think my 15 year old niece is starting a Kate Harrison fan club and wants to be your intern/gopher if you ever need one :) My friend wants to book you for her six year old’s eventual wedding. I have had so many people react to your AMAZINGNESS, your talent and your art!! I know you must hear it ALL THE TIME (yes, YOU ARE THAT GOOD) but when I read your blog I wonder how you KEEP doing it day after day, week after week…it is beyond impressive. Mille merci (thousands of thank yous).

I have been meaning to tell you how UNBELIEVABLE our slideshow is! I’ve looked through the pictures toooo many times now. They took our breath away and they instantly brought tears to my eyes. The day was such a blur for the both of us, and looking at the photos you captured helped us to relive the precious moments of that day. All of the proofs are breathtaking and I look at them even forgetting that it’s actually us in the pictures; they’re like a fairytale. Thank you Kate, for everything.

The images are wonderful and we’re re-living everything all over again. There are so many absolutely stunning pictures in there, and you captured so many exquisite moments. So many times we have commented on how you’ve caught a person’s exact personality at precisely the right moment – you did an amazing job.

We wanted to thank you again for the amazing images you captured at our wedding. You truly hit it out of the park for us with your creative imagination! It was incredibly easy to work with you on the formal shots, and as far as the candid shots–we hardly knew you were there! You get extra points for stealth. Our design sense is tingling in anticipation of creating an album of wedding memories from your images. Thank you again so much for all your hard work. In gratitude & respect of your works of art…

I feel compelled to share with you my sister’s reaction after seeing the slideshow. She sent the link to her friends and she told me that they have all decided that they want to get married again (I assume to the same person) just to have pictures like ours. Isn’t it cool that your work touches people like that? I thought you’d get a kick out of it. So add my sister and all of her buddies to the membership list of Kate Harrison Fan Club (Ohio Chapter)…Our day would not have been the same without you!

I am so glad we got to you before you became too famous to do our wedding. We don’t know what to say, your work is amazing. Thank you for sharing your art with us and for capturing the emotion and joy of our wedding. On all accounts, you were more than we had hoped for.

To say that you are so unbelievably talented is a whopping understatement! Apparently my mom had watched the slideshow 50 times by noon yesterday! I have never seen her smile so big as she did in that photo with me and my sister; I will cherish these photos forever! Every single one perfectly captures, describes and illuminates the happiest day of my life, and they tell the exact story. You totally GOT IT! You are incredibly special, Kate. I feel so lucky to have found you. I can’t even find the words.

There are no words to describe the slideshow. Fantastic, amazing, perfect, none of those words will do it justice. We love it & you! You made our day even more special by being patient & willing to try anything wIth us. We can’t wait to see the rest & hope you know two of your biggest fans are in St. Louis.

Oh my gosh.
We have just spent the last two hours pouring over our photos, and reliving every moment. I love that we will be able to do this over and over again. I don’t even know what to say! I asked Joe what I should write to you and he too is wearing a big grin on his face and is also completely dumbstruck.
I think we’re going to go look at them again now.
I am running out of ways to say they are beautiful and thank you… so I will just say: they are beautiful. thank you.

I just wanted to drop a note to say I love the photos and I think you are amazing. I am in good company too–you have received many compliments. I was able to re-experience the emotions I felt the day of the wedding through your pictures–totally unexpected! What a treasure–I am so pleased you were a part of our day. I am quite certain the world is a better place because of people like you!

KATE!!!!!! That slideshow was the BEST thing ever!!! OMG!!! You took such great pictures! I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Seriously. OMG. I just want to share that with EVERYONE. Eeekkk!! Sooo happy right now!!!!
Going to watch it like 100 times.

You are sooooooo amazing!!!!!!! You are the most incredible photographer! We both LOVE the pictures (!!!) and we knew they were going to be great but you always blow us away with your amazing vision and artistry. Thanks for preserving our beautiful day in such a beautiful way. I watch the slideshow at least a couple of times a day and ask even the most casual of acquaintances whether they’ve seen THE slideshow. Thanks again, Kate. You were amazing – an indispensable part of our perfect day.

I. love. them. Just wanted you to know I am supercalifragilistic happy with the pics. Gold star for you. Extra cookie, too.

We are in Thailand right now and we just looked at the slideshow you put together!! We LOVE it so much and your work is amazing! That is exactly what we pictured for our wedding photos. Oh My God!! Love, Love, Love the photos on the blog! I just keep saying “our photographer Kate is amazing and she captured the wedding so beautifully.” Seriously you do amazing work and Chris and I are so lucky to have been able to work with you! Thanks again!! Xoxo!

The slideshow is absolutely amazing- we were brought to tears. Thank you for capturing our experience so beautifully. We will always be grateful for your incredible creativity and talent. Thank you also for being so fun and flexible to work with.

They are fabulous, you caught moments I had not even known I had missed: the kids looking through the gates, and dancing and colouring. They’re all fantastic.

I wish you could see the tears streaming down my face. The photographs are so beautiful! The love just radiates out from the photos. Wow!

Jason and I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on our wedding reception. There are so many fun shots and I am so pleased. Now that life has slowed down I can reflect on the day, I feel very fortunate to have you as our photographer. That was one area I did not stress about and its all because of you.

We have flipped through the pictures online and they are wonderful! I thank you so much for such awesome photography! You captured the day perfectly.

Thank you again for being everywhere at once and taking such care to get cute shots!

Thank you so much for the photos-they are amazing! There are so many beautiful ones! You are amazing!

The photos are remarkable.

I want to let you know how truly thankful I am for everything you did on our wedding weekend. I think that your easy style and warm personality put people at ease and that really came through in the images you captured. The photographs turned out so beautifully and I knowthat as the years pass they will act as a central reminder for a wonderful moment in our lives. It is clear to everyone that you have a gift for this.

It’s super early in the morning so I only got to look through the first ELEVEN pages and I swear to god, every single picture is amazing. I love it all and can’t wait to go through each one slowly. Kate, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such a fabulous job. I can’t wait to put an album together; the only thing is, howam I going to choose which pictures to get printed when I love every shot? I suppose that is a good place to be. Thank you for capturing every cute, sweet, lovely, touching, funny moment. You brought tears to my eyes on each one.